Uber CEO’s mother dies in boating accident

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s parents were involved in a boating accident on Friday that killed his mother and left his father badly injured. The company, in a statement on Saturday, called the incident an “unspeakable tragedy” and said that Kalanick’s father remains in a “serious condition.” Kalanick’s mother, Bonnie, was 71. “Our thoughts and prayers are with Travis and his family in this heartbreaking time,” the Uber statement reads. An

Big auto lender only checked 8% of applicants’ incomes

It’s a record high, and there are growing concerns that many people who obtained their car loans really can’t afford them. Alarm bells are ringing because one of the largest subprime auto lenders in the nation — Santander Consumer USA — only checked the incomes of 8% of its applicants, according to a new report from Moody’s Investors Service. Subprime refers to loans made to people with poor credit. “A

Stop calling Jared Kushner ‘naive’

On Friday, The Washington Post reported that Jared Kushner tried to open a new line of communication with the Kremlin Dean Obeidallah: Kushner is far too educated and experienced to be called naive, as some have said How Kushner could play the Nixon card

Trump, feted and chided abroad, returns to uncertainty at home

6 key moments from President Trump’s first trip abroad Photos: President Trump’s first foreign trip President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump board Air Force One on Saturday, May, 27, 2017, at Naval Air Station Sigonella in Italy. They were headed back to the United States after a nine-day trip to the Middle East and Europe. Photos: President Trump’s first foreign trip President Trump greets people on May 27,

Portland attack: Trump urged to speak up over killings

Image copyright Facebook/Aurora Dachen Image caption Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche was one of two men to die in the attack US President Donald Trump is under pressure to address the killing of two men who had tried to stop a man abusing a Muslim teenager and her friend. Mr Trump has not yet responded to the deaths of Taliesin Namkai-Meche and Ricky Best in Portland on Friday. A reporter’s tweet to

Somalia’s al-Shabab stones man to death for adultery

Image copyright AFP Image caption Al-Shabab is al-Qaeda’s main affiliate in East Africa Somali militants have stoned a man to death after an Islamic court convicted him of adultery. Dayow Mohamed Hassan, 44, was buried neck-deep and pelted to death with stones by al-Shabab fighters. He was convicted of being in an adulterous relationship with a woman and impregnating her, despite having two wives, an official said. Al-Shabab occasionally passes

France’s Macron set for ‘tough’ talks with Putin near Paris

Image copyright AFP Image caption The first Macron-Putin tete-a-tete is taking place in the royal splendour of Versailles French President Emmanuel Macron will shortly hold talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin near Paris, amid tensions over the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine. They will meet at the ornate Grand Trianon Palace at Versailles. Mr Macron says he expects some tough words. It could be an awkward meeting, the BBC’s

‘Lame duck’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption People are angry about the corruption allegations surrounding President Temer It was a miserable day on Sunday in Rio de Janeiro. But the heavy fog smothering the normally sunny beaches did not put thousands of people off from heading down to Copacabana to join calls for President Michel Temer to step down. It was a show of anger typical of Rio – lots of

Australian man injured after shark jumps into boat

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The shark measured 2.7m (8.8ft), authorities said An Australian fisherman has described how a 200kg (440lb) great white shark leapt into his boat, knocking him over and lacerating his arm. Terry Selwood, 73, had dropped a line at his “usual spot” at Evans Head in New South Wales when the animal launched itself out of the water. He said the 2.7m (8.8ft) shark landed