Morocco protests: Activist Nasser Zefzafi arrested

Image copyright AFP Image caption Nasser Zefzafi was arrested on Monday after three days on the run Moroccan police say they have detained a leading activist responsible for organising months of protests against corruption and unemployment. Nasser Zefzafi will be tried for “threatening national security”, prosecutors say. Morocco has been gripped by protests since October, following the death of a fishmonger in the town of al-Hoceima. On Sunday, demonstrations were

Philippine army ‘makes gains’ in Marawi Islamist battle

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Philippine Marines are among troops battling the Islamist militants in Marawi The Philippine military says it has made gains retaking Marawi city from Islamist militants amid clashes that have left about 100 people dead. According to the military, militants now control only small pockets within the southern Philippine city. But there are still reports of fighting on the ground and thousands of civilians trapped. Nineteen

Tiger Woods held on drink-driving charge

Image copyright Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Image caption Police in Palm Beach County released a mugshot of the golfer Golf star Tiger Woods was arrested on a drink-driving charge in Florida early on Monday morning, police say. Police recorded the arrest at 07:18 local time (11:18 GMT) and the golfer was released a few hours later, records from Palm Beach County police show. He was arrested in the town

German leaders step up attacks on Trump

Image copyright EPA Image caption Mrs Merkel says it is right not to gloss over differences with the US Germany’s top politicians have stepped up criticism of US President Donald Trump, a day after Chancellor Angela Merkel said the US and UK were no longer reliable partners. On Monday Mrs Merkel said it was right not to gloss over differences with the US, while her foreign minister said Mr Trump’s

Moscow storm: Several people killed, mayor says

Image copyright EPA Image caption Most fatalities are reported to have been caused by falling trees Several people have been killed after a severe thunderstorm hit Moscow, the mayor of the Russian capital says. Hundreds of trees have been toppled by the storm, and about 40 people have sought medical help, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin tweeted. Reports say that electrical cables were damaged as Moscow was lashed with high winds, hail

‘Changed history’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Anthony Foster’s advocacy helped launch an inquiry into institutionalised sexual abuse Clutching a photo of two smiling girls, Anthony Foster last year delivered a powerful statement about what had become his life’s mission. “These are my girls,” he said before television cameras in Rome. “A Catholic priest was raping them when this photo was taken so that’s why we’ve been fighting for so long…

WannaCry ransom notice analysis suggests Chinese link

Image copyright AFP Image caption The WannaCry worm encrypted computer files and demanded a ransom to unlock them New analysis suggests Chinese-speaking criminals may have been behind the WannaCry ransomware that affected thousands of organisations worldwide. Researchers from Flashpoint looked at the language used in the ransom notice. They said the use of proper grammar and punctuation in only the Chinese versions indicated the writer was “native or at least

Kenya election: Peter Gichira charged with attempted suicide

Image copyright AFP Image caption The electoral commission disqualified Peter Gichira because he didn’t have enough signatures A Kenyan man has been charged with attempted suicide for allegedly trying to jump from a building after his bid to run for president was rejected. Peter Gichira denied the charge during a court appearance in the capital, Nairobi, and was freed on bail. Police say he was arrested on Saturday for trying

Uber CEO’s mother dies in boating accident

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s parents were involved in a boating accident on Friday that killed his mother and left his father badly injured. The company, in a statement on Saturday, called the incident an “unspeakable tragedy” and said that Kalanick’s father remains in a “serious condition.” Kalanick’s mother, Bonnie, was 71. “Our thoughts and prayers are with Travis and his family in this heartbreaking time,” the Uber statement reads. An

Big auto lender only checked 8% of applicants’ incomes

It’s a record high, and there are growing concerns that many people who obtained their car loans really can’t afford them. Alarm bells are ringing because one of the largest subprime auto lenders in the nation — Santander Consumer USA — only checked the incomes of 8% of its applicants, according to a new report from Moody’s Investors Service. Subprime refers to loans made to people with poor credit. “A