Your iPhone Could Stop You From Texting And Driving Soon

Apple unveiled a new iPhone feature this week that aims to cut down on the number of distracted drivers. The “Do Not Disturb While Driving” setting will automatically silence incoming texts and notifications while an iPhone is connected to a car via Bluetooth or cable, the tech giant announced Monday. DNDWD, which will be available in fall 2017 with the release of Apple’s mobile operating system iOS 11, will allow users

Men Really Do Get Less Sexist When They Have Daughters

For many men, having a daughter is a wake-up call to a notion most of us are already on board with: Women are human beings, just as capable as men. The web is awash in blog posts from fathers earnestly explaining how having a little girl changed their feelings about women ― they’re not just pretty-smelling objects to be ogled, dads say. They face challenges because of sexism, fathers learn

The 10 Brands That The LGBTQ Community Perceives To Be The Most Inclusive

Technology brands are consistently viewed as the most inclusive for the LGBTQ community, a new survey has found.  YouGov BrandIndex named Amazon as the best perceived brand by queer consumers, while Netflix and YouTube came in at third and fourth place, respectively.  There were a number of surprising outliers. New to the Top 10 this year was Dawn, which came in fifth place. The dishwashing liquid brand featured a transgender mother

Stephen Colbert Leads 360-Degree Tour Of His Studio For The Superfans

Stephen Colbert has become a very popular late-night host. Just last month, the comedian officially won the ratings battle between the various late shows, besting the Jimmys in an upset. Most of this new audience has come for the Donald Trump jokes, which Colbert has made his current specialty. As such, YouTube clips from “The Late Show” often gain a large viewership when he makes fun of the current president.

Our Data Could Be The Biggest Monopoly Ever

Imagine a commodity that immediately creates an unstoppable, ridiculously lucrative industry force that invades every aspect of our socio-economic infrastructure. If I asked you this in 1920 at a corner speakeasy, you’d tell me that oil was the product in question. Fast-forward nearly a century, and we’ve seen the very same degree of monopolistic dominance brought about by an entirely different good – the privatized data of others. Just as

Instagram’s Latest Colorful Move For LGBTQ People Is A Must-See

Instagram is kicking Pride month off with a colorful new initiative that aims to encourage support for queer people around the world. On Wednesday, the app transformed the all-pink, oft-photographed facade of Paul Smith’s Los Angeles store into the first of its five “rainbow walls.” The wall was unveiled by Mayor Eric Garcetti at an evening ceremony that was attended by Instagram influencers Justin Blake, Raymond Braun and Jacob Tobia, along with other

Donald Trump’s Weird Typo Becomes The Hot New Word Everyone Is Using

COMEDY 05/31/2017 01:29 am ET | Updated 17 minutes ago While on the presidential campaign trail late in 2015, Donald Trump boasted that he had “the best words.” In a tweet fired off early Wednesday morning, he may have revealed one of them to the world: Covfefe. Donald Trump While “covfefe” was likely a typo, the post remained online for at least an hour with no followup or correction, gathering more than 100,000

Mark Zuckerberg’s Sweet Bedtime Ritual For His Daughter

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has identified himself as an atheist in the past, but it seems there are some spiritual traditions that he’s passing onto his daughter.  During a commencement speech at Harvard University last week, the dad told graduates about a bedtime ritual he’s established with his 1-year-old daughter Max. Zuckerberg, who was raised Jewish, said that he often turns to a Jewish prayer called “Mi Shebeirach” to round out

This Device Holds Your Head Up So You Can Nap Hands-Free

One of the most annoying problems with napping on a plane happens when your head lolls about and you can’t find a comfortable and considerate way to prop it up. Inventors have offered up various fixes over the years, from inflatable hoodies to a head hammock, but this solution looks more promising than any we’ve seen in a long time.  The JetComfy is a cushioned platform for your head that attaches to an armrest

Photo Series Shows Kids Enjoying Childhood Without Technology

A stunning photo series is showcasing the joys of a tech-free childhood. New Zealand photographer and mother of four, Niki Boon, documented her children’s everyday lives in a series she calls “Childhood in the Raw.” “This project came into being with our decision to educate our children alternatively, at home,” Boon told HuffPost. The family lives in a rural environment without modern electronic devices like TV and smartphones.  Niki Boon Photography