Amazon Is Buying Whole Foods In A Quest To Beat Walmart With Luxury Inc. announced plans on Friday to buy Whole Foods Market in a move that finally gives the online retail behemoth a serious brick-and-mortar presence.  The $13.7 billion deal supercharges Amazon’s decade-long quest to take on the supermarket business, which accounts for up to $800 billion of U.S. consumer spending. Amazon began experimenting with food delivery in 2007, when it first launched AmazonFresh near its Seattle headquarters. Now, with Whole

Look At How Uber’s Top Leadership Has Crumbled

BUSINESS 06/15/2017 03:09 pm ET Once the darling of the sharing economy, Uber is knee-deep in a PR crisis pileup with few executives left to guide it back into Silicon Valley’s good graces. In the last six months, the ride-hailing app has hemorrhaged high-ranking leaders as allegations of sexual harassment, a toxic workplace culture, corporate subterfuge and profiteering came to light and played out in viral social media campaigns ―

Uber Releases Scathing Independent Report Documenting Company’s Mistakes

Uber released the results of a three-month independent investigation on Tuesday, pulling back the curtain on a work culture former employees have described as toxic and indifferent to sexual harassment. In a 13-page document, report authors from the law firm Covington & Burling LLP issue recommendations they categorize into 10 distinct groups, including “changes to senior leadership” and “improvements to human resources and the complaint process.” In its section on senior leadership, the

Travis Kalanick Takes Leaves Of Absence From Post As Uber CEO

Travis Kalanick will take a leave of absence from his post as CEO of Uber following his mother’s recent death, according to New York Times reporter Mike Isaac.  Kalanick didn’t say when he planned to return, according to Bloomberg. The news, reportedly shared in a companywide email, follows reports that Uber’s board of directors discussed a leadership shakeup at a June 11 meeting ― including a leave of absence for Kalanick ― amid

Cybersecurity Firms Uncover Malware That Could Cause Power Outages Around The Globe

June 12 (Reuters) – Two cyber security firms have uncovered malicious software that they believe caused a December 2016 Ukraine power outage, they said on Monday, warning the malware could be easily modified to harm critical infrastructure operations around the globe. ESET, a Slovakian anti-virus software maker, and Dragos Inc, a U.S. critical-infrastructure security firm, released detailed analyzes of the malware, known as Industroyer or Crash Override, and issued private

Robot Babies Are Almost As Cute As Real Thing But Without The Mess

WEIRD NEWS 06/12/2017 01:41 pm ET Want a doll that looks, moves and feels almost exactly like a newborn? Or how about a baby Avatar, or a half human-half piglet? The whole range was on display at a trade fair in Bilbao, northern Spain showcasing “Reborn Babies” made by Spanish company Babyclon, one of a small number of firms worldwide that cater to a particular subculture of collectors who value

These ’90s Apple Sneakers Can Be Yours For $15,000

Sneakerheads, prepare your wallets.  Apple sneakers made exclusively for employees in the ‘90s are currently for sale online at the auction house Heritage Auctions. Two important things you should know if you’re looking to purchase the sneakers: the shoes are a men’s size 9 1/2 and the starting bid is currently $15,000.  Elon Werner, director of communications with Heritage Auctions, told HuffPost that the shoes came from a garage sale in San

Russian Malware Operation Linked To Britney Spears’ Instagram

Oops, they did it again. Russian hackers that is, this time hiding a sophisticated malware operation in Britney Spears’ Instagram account. A gang of Russian hackers notorious for spying on foreign governments, diplomats and military facilities has come up with a clever back-door Trojan marriage between their operation and social media — most notably Spears’ Instagram, according to Slovakian cyber-security firm ESET, which discovered the ruse. The account — hopefully

Uber’s Sexist Culture Won’t Change Until Its Bro-In-Chief Departs

Can Uber really change its toxic bro culture if bro-in-chief Travis Kalanick sticks around?  As the company scrambles to fix a broken workplace, rife with inexperienced managers, weak human resource processes, sexual harassment and bullying, it’s hard to tell if CEO Kalanick, the Uber co-founder known for arrogance and misogyny, is capable of change. On Tuesday, Uber fired a stunning 20 employees ― some senior executives ― for a variety

The U.S. Is Already Falling Behind On Future Energy Technology, Generals Warn

The United States has already fallen behind its rivals in developing new, clean energy technology, posing a major risk to long-term security, a group of retired military officers warned on Tuesday. Energy demand is expected to soar by at least 30 percent over the next three decades as China’s middle class grows and countries across Africa and South Asia emerge from poverty. And, thanks to aggressive investments in nuclear, hydro