‘Less homophobic bullying’ in Britain’s schools

Image copyright Getty Images The level of homophobic bullying in Britain’s secondary schools has fallen by a third in a decade, according to a study from the University of Cambridge. The study, commissioned by the gay rights charity Stonewall, says the use of insulting language is less frequent and schools are more likely to prevent attacks on gay pupils. But the report says 45% of gay pupils still face bullying.

New York governor says progress in Hungary university talks

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Street protests in Budapest called for the university to be protected New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, says his talks with Hungarian authorities over a threatened university are making “good progress”. The Central European University in Budapest has become the centre of a symbolic, international stand-off. The university says Hungary’s government has been trying to force its closure and undermine academic freedom. The university has accreditation

Warnings on exclusion levels in Norfolk

Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption A Norfolk County Council report says it expects 290 pupils to be excluded this year More than 140 children are not getting a school education after exclusions hit a record high in Norfolk, it has emerged. Council figures show 290 pupils were barred in 2015-16, with numbers set to remain the same in 2016-17. The BBC has been told many of the 140 Norfolk children

Sleep, snacks, support

Image copyright Getty Images Thousands of pupils across England, Northern Ireland and Wales have started their GCSE exams, marking the beginning of what can often be a stressful and anxious time for teenagers and parents alike. From preparing their favourite dinners, to managing expectations (yours and theirs), experts offer their tips on what parents can do to help in the coming weeks. 1. Brain food Image copyright Getty Images Stress,

Pisa test scores ‘risk’ to Wales economy warning

Image copyright PA Image caption Wales came lowest of the UK nations in the last set of Pisa rankings Wales is in danger of missing out economically unless it improves its performance in global education tests, a former government advisor has said. Prof David Reynolds warned ministers would miss their targets for the Pisa tests unless teacher training improved. Industrialists made investment decisions based on this “most important test”, he

Wales teacher recruitment levels ‘bordering on crisis’

Image caption Nearly 50,000 teaching days were lost in Wales in 2016 due to stress, figures showed Low numbers of teachers being recruited in Wales is “bordering on crisis” levels, a union has said. Welsh Government figures showed the target for trainee teacher intake in secondary schools and for PGCEs had both been missed in 2015-16. Owen Hathway, Wales policy officer for the NUT, said the pressures and stresses of

Schools go green to support Grenfell fire victims

Image copyright Other Image caption Children from four schools released balloons in memory of those who died Pupils in schools in London and other parts of England are wearing green to show support for those affected by the fire at Grenfell Tower. The campaign is asking pupils and staff to give £1 to charity in exchange for wearing something green for the day. The idea arose when students at Fulham

Heads worried over tuition fee pledge for teachers

Image caption The tuition fee relief was intended to attract more people into teaching Head teachers in England are concerned that the promise of university tuition fee relief for teachers may be axed. The Conservative manifesto said teachers would not repay tuition fees while they remained in teaching – to help tackle staffing shortages. Many other education policies have been ditched – and heads’ leader Russell Hobby says he is

Number of families made homeless rises by 17%

Image copyright Getty Images The number of families finding themselves homeless over the past year has risen by nearly a fifth on five years ago, official data shows. Government figures show 59,090 households were accepted as homeless by councils in England between April 2016 and March 2017. This is 17% higher than the number made homeless in the year 2011-12. The Department for Communities and Local Government says it is

Magna Academy seeks disciplinarian to lead ‘behaviour correction unit’

Image copyright Google A “strong disciplinarian” is wanted by a school to dole out “tough love” to unruly students. Magna Academy in Poole wants to recruit a Director of Isolations and Detentions to work in a “purpose-built behaviour correction unit”. A spokesman said the unit allows the school to continue teaching disruptive students separately so no learning time is “stolen” from other pupils. Addressing bad behaviour helps students “become good